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Superfish Top Clear 15,000 UVC Pressure Filter (11watts)

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Superfish Top Clear 15,000 UVC Pressure Filter (11watts)

The pressure filter SuperFish TopClear 15000 is designed for a maximum pond of 15000 liters.


All connections are on the cover. With this system, the filter can be buried or concealed next to the pond.


Integrated cleaning system “SwingClean + Backwash” makes it easy maintenance filter. By rotating the handle Swingclean wring you foams and the reverse rinsing system Backwash you evacuate dirty water.


The integrated UVC lamp 11W clarifies the pond water in two weeks.


Pump not included. Recommended capacity: 5000L/h


The pipes are not provided: in and out: 25/32/40 mm.


Dimension: diameter 30 cm / height 57 cm.


A crystal clear pond and healthy thanks to the 3 stages of filtration:


Filter foam provides the mechanical filtering.


Bacteria in the Bio-Balls provide the biological purification.


Built-in UVC provides control of algae and works to prevent against diseases.