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Reef Zlements Ba Barium 150ml

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Reef Zlements Ba Barium

Barium is a trace element present in reefs all around the world and plays a strong role in coral calcification. 

It is important to check its levels through ICP analysis and ensure adequate levels and stability by dosing Barium as needed.

Barium in seawater varies widely between oceans and depth but, it is agreed that a 10 µg/l level is an acceptable concentration level.

Barium Zlement used in conjunction with a regular testing procedure, allows any reefer to make corrections to Barium levels ensuring the levels in their tank water stay within the best range for their friends.

​1 ml of Barium Zlement increases the Barium concentration of 100 litres by 1 μg/l.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Barium dosing is quite safe, however in high doses is toxic for all animals and will kill them. Do not overdose and ensure adequate levels by regularly testing.