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NT LABS Permanganate

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NT LABS Permanganate

NT Labs Koi Care Permanganate is an effective treatment against the parasites, fungus and bacteria that can invade your pond. It can be added to the water or dabbed on to leeches, anchor worms or lice as a general antiseptic treatment.

It can be used as a high strength bath for 30 minutes. Use 10ml per 40 litres of pond water in a separate container for specific treatment.

It can also be used as a pond treatment. You can see that the treatment is working as the water will remain pink for around 10 -12 hours. If the water develops a brown tinge, the Permanganate is no longer working. Add a little more, very slowly, until the water turns pink again. If adding to a whole pond use 10ml per 200 litres of pond water.

 Recommend the following when treating:

  • Switch off UV untill all the colour of the treatment has gone from your pond.
  • Wait 10 days after the final dose before treating with any other pond medication.
  • If you feel that a repeat dose is necessary, check your diagnosis carefully, a different medication may be more suitable.
  • DO NOT treat with water temperatures below 10 degrees or over 22 degrees.
  • Remove any Carbon or Zeolite from the filter or pond.
  • Top up your filter with live bacteria as treatments damages filter bacteria.