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NT Labs Flukasol

NT Labs Flukasol

NT Labs Koi Care Flukasol is an easy to use, strong, ready mixed liquid formula Flubendazole. Flukasol anti-fluke treatment is ideal for use when treating Skin and Gill Flukes are present in your pond. The odd-fish behaviour is usually the first signs of flukes which include flicking, gasping at the water surface, excessive mucus shed and lethargic behaviour.

Dosage Rates:

  • NT Labs Flukasol Suspension 500ml – Treats 18000 litres / 4000 gallons

When to Use:

  • Flukasol is an easy to use liquid suspension of flubendazole.
  • Best results will be seen when the water temperature is above 18°C
  • Use Flukasol Suspension when fish show signs of fluke infestation, preferably after confirmation by microscopy.

Test your water quality first using Pondlab test kits

Do not use at water temperatures above 30°C.
Do not use in hot, humid or thundery weather.
Do not mix medications.