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Firstbite Reef feast

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Reef Feast is produced in a two-stage process first we wet mill natural seafood ingredients whilst blending with water soluble hydrolysed proteins and a natural algae binder. The second stage involves the addition of whole Calanus, Krill, Mysis shrimp, Copepods, raw seaweed and live probiotic bacteria.

Reef Feast is certified probiotic and contains 10 million cells of live bacteria per gram of food.

Reef Feast can be fed from frozen in larger chunks for fish to graze on or can be broken between fingers into smaller pieces.

With the addition of our new feeding clip Reef Feast can be fed in large chunks from a set grazing station for your fish to eat throughout the day ideal if you have a busy lifestyle. (Sold separately)

Every resident in a reef aquarium will get some benefit from the addition of Reef Feast.