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Gold Label

Gold Label Pond Liner Patch Repair (Large)

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The Gold Label Pond Liner Repair Patches are made from top quality butyl liner and will have the same life span as the existing liner. For best results the Liner Repair Patches should be used in conjunction with the Gold Label Underwater Sealer for a long lasting waterproof repair.

The Gold Label Pond Liner Repair Patches are available in 3 sizes:

Small - Approx 140 x 190mm (5½ x 7½")
Medium - Approx 280 x 190mm (11 x 7½")
Large - Approx 280 x 380mm (11 x 15”)

Directions For Use:

  • Clean area to be repaired
  • Cut patch to over size
  • Shape patch to circle or oval shape
  • Using Gold Label Pond Sealer, run a continuous bead 5mm from edge
  • Add another bead 20mm inside of the first
  • Press gently onto original liner
  • Do NOT press flat