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Fauna Marin

Fauna Marin Coral Vitality 50ml

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Fauna Marin Coral Vitality

CORAL VITALITY – Color, power and vitality

CORAL VITALITY is the optimal supply for the important bacterial fauna of corals. Coral tissue is the key to the vitality, growth and health of all stone corals.
With CORAL VITALITY the symbiosis bacteria in the coral tissue are optimally supplied. A healthy coral biome ensures strong growth and color formation, as well as robust health.
Corals with a strong coralbiome are  more stress resistant and vital than animals with insufficient symbiosis bacteria.

  • Activates all natural colors
  • Stable colour formation
  • Better acclimatization of the corals
  • Promotes especially yellow and violet tones
  • Reduce effective the nutrient level


1 drop/100 liters/daily

Materials Content:

Water, marine biopolymers