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Cloverleaf Blanketweed Per-vent 800g

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Cloverleaf Pre-Vent Blanketweed 

Cloverleaf Pre-Vent Blanketweed is designed to be used as a follow up treatment to the Number 1 selling pond product, Cloverleaf Blanket Answer. Pre-Vent Blanketweed is a unique formula which seeks to succeed where many commercial bacteria cultures fail. Cloverleaf Pre-Vent is safe for all pond fish, plants and biological filtration systems.

Pre-Vent should be used approximately every 10-14 days to help re-balance your pond and aid in the prevention of the return of stubborn Blanketweed.

Suggested Dosage:
Add 10g per 1,207L (266 gallons). The enclosed scoop can be used 1 x scoop = approx 3,632L (800 gallons). The dosage can be adjusted as required with no adverse effects. We recommend dosing 10-14 days approx after using Cloverleaf Blanket Answer.

Pre-Vent is to be added to the pond by mixing with with sufficient pond water and spread evenly around the entire surface of the pond. The Pond will take on a mild cloudy appearance which will usually clear in a few hours. For best results use above 10°C water temperature. If Sturgeon, Orfe, Rudd or River Fish are present, pond saturated oxygen levels need to be maintained at a high level.

  • Follow up treatment to Cloverleaf Blanket Answer
  • Unique bacteria culture
  • Safe for fish, plants and filtration systems
  • Pre-Vent will re-balance the pond and help prevent the return of Blanketweed
  • 10g Treats 1,207L (266 gallons)
  • Available in 3 sizes; 800g, 2kg & 4kg