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Bubble magus

Bubble Magus Curve A5

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The Bubble Magus “A” range of protein skimmers are DC controller compatible, but controller would need purchasing as additional item if wanted to allow further control ability.

Bubble Magus have had a solid following with their cost-effective Curve 5 skimmers, and the new Curve A5 protein skimmer keep that going. At 18.5″ tall, with a 7″ x 7.2″ footprint, the Curve A5 protein skimmer offers a compact and ideal skimmer for smaller sump systems.

Bubble Magus Curve A5’s most noticeable change from it’s Curve 5 predecessor is the stand pipe for adjusting the internal water height of the skimmer which is now an acrylic rod that connects to a gear at the bottom of the skimmer, the gear opens and closes the water outlet which is located on the bottom plate of the skimmer. Biggest change however is in the new DSP-1000 Hybrid non-controllable DC pump, this means lower power usage and less noise over the standard Rock pumps. The DSP-1000 is very quiet on start-up.

Cleaning is now easier, the collection cup and body feature a quick release, reducing maintenance time. ­A silencer on the venturi air intake greatly reduces skimmer noise 


Cone shaped body provides steady bubble accumulation and efficient waste removal 

Energy efficient, yet powerful pump 

Easy to clean and maintain

New air intake silencer makes a quiet skimmer

At a Glance:

Model: Curve - A5

Pump: Rock DSP1000

Power: DC24V/13W

AC/DC: AC 100-240V/ 50/60Hz?  DC24V?1A

Size: 185*180*470mm

Tank: 300L-500L

Water level: 20cm