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Dry food

BCUK Seaweed + Garlic - Green

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The finest quality seaweed, dried and infused with garlic and formed into sheets for ease of feeding.

Seaweed contains essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements that many species of fish require in their daily diet.

Garlic is known for its natural healing properties, aids the absorption of essential nutrients and is a natural attractant.


Saltwater Species:

Tangs, Angels, Moorish Idols, Wrasses, Parrot fish, Damsels, some large Butterfly fish and all other saltwater algae grazers


Freshwater Species:

Plecos, African Cichlids, Fancy Goldfish, Live Bearers, Kissing Gouramis, and all other freshwater algae grazers.





Moisture (Approx.):10%