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ATM Colony Marine

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Trusted by public aquariums around the world, Colony true nitrifying bacteria is the standard when it comes to establishing bio-filtration instantly. Before fish can be introduced into the aquarium, bio-filtration must be established to filter out the toxic ammonia and nitrite created by fish waste. ATM’s Colony establishes this bio-filtration in days instead of weeks with real, commercial grade nitrifying bacteria. Used by ATM, the #1 aquarium builders in the world, Colony contains real Nitrococcus and Nitrosococcus bacteria, which are specific for the marine environment.

Note: Following the instructions for Colony is very crucial to it's performance. The bacteria in Colony are living organisms that require particular operating conditions. Omitting one direction can result in product failure.

  • Real Nitrifying Bacteria Establishes Instant Biofiltration
  • Neutralizes Ammonia and Nitrite Spikes Naturally
  • Two Different Formulas For Freshwater And Marine Systems
  • Used By ATM!

Colony Marine 4 oz treats 12 US gallons
Colony Marine 8 oz treats 25 US gallons
Colony Marine 16 oz treats 50 US gallons
Colony Marine 32 oz treats 100 US gallons